Teddy Wisdom

Friday, November 10, 2006

Teddy Wisdom, November 10

Teddy Wisdom: When the wisdom well runs dry, consult the original wise men.

Teddy Wisdom, October 26

Teddy Wisdom: Wearing the national flag of the champion Formula 1 driver as a cape makes you a superhero.

Teddy Wisdom, October 25

Teddy Wisdom: All Spaniards in Iceland are confused.

Teddy Wisdom, October 24

Teddy Wisdom: Do not gorge yourself on cereal (Cheerios or not).

Teddy Wisdom, October 23

Teddy Wisdom: Obey your exhaustion.

Teddy Wisdom, October 20

Teddy Wisdom: Mark to market accounting can get you into trouble.

Teddy Wisdom, October 17

Teddy Wisdom: Stealing Someone’s Nametag Does Not Make You That Person.

"Computer room, this is Odile."

Teddy Wisdom, October 3

Teddy Wisdom: Sadly you can't always be wise.

Teddy Wisdom, September 28

Teddy Wisdom: You too can bribe friends and colleagues with baked goods.

Teddy Wisdom, September 27

Teddy Wisdom: You too can break software.

Teddy Wisdom, September 26

Teddy Wisdom: You too can spar with vicious, inanimate dogs.

Teddy Wisdom, September 25

Teddy Wisdom: You too can build a sundial.

Teddy Wisdom, September 20

Teddy Wisdom: It is best to only burn the candle from one end.

Teddy Wisdom, September 14

Teddy Wisdom: Choice is the greatest liberator.

Teddy Wisdom, September 13

Teddy Wisdom: Be quiet.

Teddy Wisdom, September 12

Teddy Wisdom: No one can resist a bundle of joy.

Teddy Wisdom, September 11

Teddy Wisdom: Learn Spanish by osmosis.

Teddy Wisdom, September 6

Teddy Wisdom: Being happy and feeling better are two different things.

Teddy Wisdom, August 31

Teddy Wisdom: Do not trust Greek dentists (Οδοντίατρος).

Teddy Wisdom, August 30

Teddy Wisdom: Don’t poke monkeys unless they are mocking you.

Teddy Wisdom, August 29

Teddy Wisdom: Strategy matters in operational performance after acquisition.

Teddy Wisdom, August 17

Teddy Wisdom: Block and delete the people you don’t want to talk to!

(This works best on MSN or other chat programs. Don't try to delete someone in real life.)

Teddy Wisdom, August 15

Teddy Wisdom: Eat your oats!

Teddy Wisdom, August 14

Teddy Wisdom: To be a good high school boyfriend, you should be the strong, silent type and preferably have piercing green eyes.

Teddy Wisdom, August 10

Teddy Wisdom: Never touch Vache qui rit cheese that does not belong to you.

Teddy Wisdom, August 4

Teddy Wisdom: When you prepare butternut squash, bake the whole thing first. It is much easier to deal with and mash.

Teddy Wisdom, August 2

Embrace your friends, keep their confidence and forgive your enemies (even if you don’t like them).

Teddy Wisdom, July 31

Teddy Wisdom: Get over yourself.

Teddy Wisdom, July 27

Teddy Wisdom: Never come between a man (or bear) and his saucisson.

Teddy Wisdom, July 28

Teddy Wisdom: As obvious as it might seem, if you crack your head open or someone accidentally bites out a chunk of your nose, don't try to fix it yourself. With duct tape or otherwise.

Teddy Wisdom, July 26

Teddy Wisdom: Do not leave your car engine running while pumping petrol. Idiots.

Teddy Wisdom, July 25

Teddy Wisdom: Do not hijack a Cheerios truck. No matter how much you love Cheerios.

Teddy Wisdom, July 24

Teddy Wisdom: Do not be deceived by what you see. It is the ferocity on the inside that counts.

(Some people think Teddy looks like a pig with kitty ears. Some people just think he looks freaky. Teddy has lived a long, full, rough life, so he does not look like a "bear" in the strictest sense of the word. He is, nevertheless, a bear. In the same way that we must not be fooled by Italy, we must not judge a bear by how he looks on the outside.)

Teddy Wisdom, July 21

Teddy Wisdom: Don’t always try to be the center of attention. (And don’t get a mullet.)

Teddy Wisdom, July 20

Teddy Wisdom: Always hike with a buddy (and watch out for bears!).

Teddy Wisdom, July 19

Teddy Wisdom: Always let someone else take your picture for you. Self-portraits can be tricky.

Teddy Wisdom, July 18

Teddy Wisdom: Always Use an Apron When You Cook

Teddy Wisdom, July 17

Teddy Wisdom: Use the Force; do not go to the dark side.

Teddy Wisdom, July 15

Teddy Wisdom: Always Take the Weekends Off to Rest

Teddy Wisdom, July 14

Teddy Wisdom: Training to become a polar bear is exhausting.

Teddy Wisdom, July 13

Teddy Wisdom: Cheerios are a better value than potato chips.

Teddy Wisdom, July 12

Teddy Wisdom: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same.

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