Teddy Wisdom

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twin polar bears


The polar bear twins are nine weeks old!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Teddy Wisdom: The Nemesis?

Soon, Teddy will share the story of one of his rivals, Banan.

Teddy had heard whispers about a villain who hid behind an army of monkeys. While the monkeys did all of this villain's bidding, the villain, known simply as "Banan", cloaked himself in the protective armor of a thick but slick banana peel known as "marketing". Indeed, Teddy, being wise, thoughtful and intuitive, could sense that perhaps the whispers and rumors preceding his confrontation with Banan could be just that - marketing. Yes, Banan was the master of mediocre, mid-level, textbook marketing fluff. His self-promotion was largely as viable in the long term as a banana -- a brief shelf life before withering away (its power only being that one could slip on the peel once it is cast onto the floor, as most mediocre things, or things with no further use, are). Banan's army of monkeys rumbling through the jungle, helped to hide that Banan in fact was backed by no substance at all. Is he thus a worthy nemesis for Teddy?

Teddy Wisdom: Welcome to the world

Teddy Wisdom: Welcome to the world, new baby polar bears!